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School Visits

One of my favorite parts of being an illustrator and children’s book writer is to visit schools and meet my readers. I very much enjoy sharing insights with students and teachers, and learning a thing or two from the children.


My presentations differ depending on the needs and requests of the school/library. Generally, they include a(n):

  • Discussion about my early interest in art and how I became a professional illustrator
  • Exploration of how I get ideas for my stories and illustrations
  • Examination of all steps involved in producing a children’s book—from ideas to the finished product
  • Interactive drawing demonstration (the kids’ favorite part!)
Roger signing books

Roger signing books

Length and Fees
The length of my presentations varies with the age group and the specific requests of the school/library. Presentations should be no longer than 60 minutes. I prefer not to do more than three presentations per day (this is negotiable, as I will sometimes do a fourth presentation for an additional fee). Please contact me to discuss my fee schedule.

Age Group and Size
My presentations are best suited for children in kindergarten through 5th grade. They can be customized depending on the age group. I like small groups (30-40 kids), because the students tend to get more out of my presentations that way. I enjoy presenting in small spaces (like a library), with the children sitting on the floor close together.

George Washington’s Cherry Tree (by Nicole H.)

George Washington’s Cherry Tree
(by Nicole H.)

My visits are most worthwhile when the children are familiar with my work and have read my books beforehand. Sometimes teachers will do a lesson based on one of my books, which can be tied in nicely with my visit. Please contact me before my visit about ordering books. They can either be ordered through a local bookstore (support the independents!) or through the publisher. Also, it’s helpful if the person who coordinates my visit is there that day to show me around and answer any questions I might have.

Book Signing
I am happy to sign books! Please have the students submit their information ahead of time and I will set aside time during my visit (either before or after) to write personal inscriptions in the books.

Please use the form on the contact page if you have questions or are interested in arranging a school visit.

The Giraffe That Walked to Paris (by Eden R.)

The Giraffe That Walked to Paris
(by Eden R.)

What Kids Have to Say

Thank you for coming to our school. I liked when we drew the picture. It was fun. My favorite book is the one about the two little girls who were raised by the wolves. I hope you come again.
— Love, Kenne

I really like your books. I like the book Fishing for Methuselah. I hope you come back.
—Your best friend, Synquis

Thank you for coming. My favorite part of the visit was when you drew Methuselah because it was funny. My favorite book was Fishing for Methuselah because you really did a good job on the story.
—Sincerely, Mia

My favorite part is when you drew the fish. My favorite book is Fishing for Methuselah and that creepy boat story.
—Love, Tyrone

Thank you for visiting and I hope you come next year.
—Your friend, Rennie

What Adults Have to Say

Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation about the craft of writing and illustrating that you provided for the teachers attending Delaware County Reading Council’s “Winter Tea.” We have received very positive feedback from the teachers and many requests for your contact information. Teachers are learners, too, and your presentation taught many lessons about the importance of whole text—words and pictures—in helping convey and understand stories. We look forward to the two books that will soon be published. We wish you all the best in your continued work. And, we will be in touch to have you join us at future events.
—Annemarie B. Jay, President, Delaware County Reading Council, Media, PA

Methuselah (by Robin T.)

Methuselah (by Robin T.)

Thanks so much for spending Author Day with our students. I thought you might be interested in some of the student’s comments: “Roger Roth was enlightening”;“Roger Roth was a skilled drawer”; “Roger is an amazing and interesting illustrator”; “Roger Roth is definitely the best illustrator I know”; “It was cool that he wrote a book of his own and illustrated it”; “He taught me how to express myself with drawing.” I hope you will consider coming back next year.
—Susan E. Heller, Library Supervisor, E. T. Richardson Middle School, Springfield, PA

Thanks so much for a fabulous day. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your workshops! A week and a half later, teachers and kids are still talking about ice fishing and about ‘drawing what’s inside your head.’ Your passion for what you do was definitely inspirational to our children.
—Regina Ziffer and Jean Taranta, Lower School Librarians, Friends’ Central, Wynnewood, PA

To mark the millennium, we wanted our conference to be extra special, and so we enlisted you as our author/illustrator—and you didn’t disappoint. Your remarks about the writing process were lucid and lively, and your presentation about how the story Fishing for Methuselah became a book was fascinating to our students and the rest of the audience. I can say unequivocally that your presentation was the strongest we have ever had.
—Dr. Nicholas A. Spennato, Consultant, Delaware County Reading Council, Media, PA

John Henry (by Stephen H.)

John Henry (by Stephen H.)

On behalf of the entire Haverford Lower School community, I would like to extend thanks to you for your memorable visit. Your wonderful, absorbing presentations were enjoyed by all, young and older, and the four beautiful drawings that you did are hanging in the library for all to see for years to come. We hope you will consider a return engagement.
—Susan J. Hohnsbeen, Haverford School Book Fair Author Coordinator, Haverford, PA

What a fantastic treat it was to have you perform at three of our Upper Darby Elementary Schools. The teachers and students can not stop talking about the informative presentations you gave. Every day you were with us was a joyous literary experience for our children.
—Donna Rosato, Title One Programs Supervisor, Upper Darby School District, Upper Darby, PA